Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time to start a new quilt!!!

I will have to say this has been a long day, not much going on. For the first time in about 3 months I didn't have any sewing to do. I have been kind of lost. Did laundry, cleaned the sewing room, watched a movie. Not my usual Saturday. I must find a new sewing project, maybe I should start another quilt. A few years back that was what I worked on in all my spare time. I have lots of fabric so maybe that is what I will do. I really like the quilts with all different colors in them. One of my favorites is the nine patch and broken dishes. They remind me of the quilts my Grandmother would have made. One of my favorite quilts that I made also, it is out of old chenille bedspreads, this was a fun project. Now I think I know what I will be doing tomorrow, dragging out my fabrics in my sewing room and starting a new quilt. I knew the sewing room wouldn't stay neat for very long.

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