Saturday, February 5, 2011

Starting a new Quilt

Well after working on this for a while I decided to just use  the 3 different fabics, I plan on making this a twin size quilt, will post more pictures when I get more done on it!
getting all the fabrics ready to start a new quilt, not sure what the pattern will be but I will come up with something!

I have been going to start a new quilt for a long time but have always been so busy, I think with all these snow days I have got all my outside sewing caught up at this time. So decided today was the day to get started on it. At first I was going to use 4 different fabrics, got a few blocks made out of the 4th fabric and didn't think it was fitting in very good. I like how this one is coming together, it will be a twin size when finished, I plan on putting two borders on it. A lady told me one time a quilt was never finished unless it had at least two borders and she was right. It always adds to the finished product.

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  1. Oh Cheryl you are so talented. I love everything that you do. I enjoy your blog so much.Keep up the good work.


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