Saturday, February 12, 2011

Keepsake Teddy Bears

Here are the jackets that I started out with to make the keepsake teddy bears!

The bears are all sewn up, now just have to put the joints in the arms and legs!

This is the finished product!
I have been making keepsake teddy bears for several years now, it is such a good way to have something that belonged to a loved one that is no longer with us. I was thinking back and know that I started doing these kind of bears around 25 or so years ago, my neighbor lady where I used to live asked me if I could make something out of her Grandpa's overalls, he had just passed away. I thought sure why not teddy bears, they still have them. It would be hard for me to really say how many I have made over the years, but just thinking it could be way over 300. I have made them out of shirts, dresses, coats, jeans, overalls, just about anything and everything. It is neat how each bear has it's own look, none are exactly the same. I try to use, buttons, patches or other things that are on the clothing that I am using to make the bears. That seems to give them their own personal look. The ones I just finished were made out of jackets. I am sure the lady will love them.


  1. I have one of her keepsake bears. I gave her some of my dad's old bib overalls after he passed away. She took them and made a bear for me. It is such a good way to help keep memories alive.

  2. I love these!!!!! SO ADORABLE!!!

  3. Those bears are so cute.....I have the urge to cuddle now!!!!


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