Friday, February 18, 2011

Trying To Organize My Sewing Room

This does look much better, I even have most of the colors of fabrics together
This is where I do all my sewing, I sometimes wonder how many miles I would have on my sewing machine.

This is where I am alot of the time, it is handy and close to the sewing machine, I just slide the chair back and forth.
This was another nice day, just had to work one place this morning then had lunch with a good friend. Since I was all caught up on my outside sewing I decided it was time to try and organize my sewing room. Sometimes that is quite a challenge, every time I start a project I drag out lots of fabric and don't seem to get it all put back. I should have taken a before and after picture but I was too ashamed for anyone to see the before ones. Usually most of my house looks good, but then when you get to the sewing room that is a different story. Sometimes I have several different people that I am sewing for at the same time, so there is usually things piled everywhere. That is why I thought today is the day to try and get things put back in place. I must say it does look good, but just wait I will be dragging stuff out again soon.

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  1. Your sewing/computer room looks very nice and comfortable.


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