Sunday, March 13, 2011

Making Pillows Out Of Old Curtains

This is the finished product of the 3 pillows.
This one had the same picture on both sides.
This on turned out so neat, I liked the size of it.
I have a lady that I do a lot of sewing for and she always comes up with some neat ideas. She brought me these old curtains with some good wide life prints on them and wanted pillows made. First off I had to take all the pleats and seams out of the curtains so I could get all the fabric possible. Then I had to decide how big I was going to make the pillows. The first one I wanted to make as big as I could so it would show all of the deer design, I used the fringe around the edge of it. It took a lot of stuffing, but turned out really nice. The next one I cut out the bear design, it was the same on both sides. I had to use the pillow cording for this one, so that made it harder to make. Doing the cording is always hard for me, you have to cover it with the same fabric that you are using in your pillows.I know there has to be an easier way to work with it, maybe some day I will figure it out.Then you have to sew it around the pillow, where that even gets harder, but some how it did turn out good. The third pillow I made with the deer design on one side and bear design on the other.It is always amazing what all you can make out of old fabrics, so don't throw all those things away, they might come in handy someday.

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