Sunday, November 13, 2011

Special Order Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are so fun to make, each one has it's own personallity!
I was very excited when I got an email from a friend that I used to go to school with wanting to order some Teddy Bears. This friend lives in Nebraska and has twin grandsons, these will make great Christmas presents. I started making teddy bears several years ago, I think the first ones I made were out of out cutter quilts. I remember selling several of them. I think another classmate told me a while back that she still had the one I had made for her. You can make teddy bears out of just about any type of fabric. I have made several out of old blue jeans and striped overalls. They were a big hit. Sometimes I call them keepsake teddy bears. To see all of my other items  that I make and have for sale look me up of facebook under Cheryl's Sewing.

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