Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Typical Day In My Life

This cute little girls apron is a special order, I made it this afternoon when I got home from work

This is another special order apron, it is about 8" longer then my other aprons, it is for a hair stylist, I think she will like it!
My day usually starts out around 6:30 in the morning, get up eat breakfast get ready to leave for my day job. I usually clean at least two houses each day. There are always lots of other things I do while I am in town, first off I had to mail two packages, these were special sewing orders. I am always anxious for them to arrive at their destination and hear from the people that have ordered them. I usually always have other sewing that I have done for people to drop off too. Then as soon as I get back home I am busy working on lots of special sewing orders. I now have 5 more aprons to make for a lady. These will make great Christmas gifts. Sewing is what I really like to do, someday I hope to be able to just stay at home and take sewing orders. Everyone can check out my page on facebook under  Cheryl's Sewing

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