Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just About Me

Well this won't be very interesting but not much going on around here today. I like to keep busy, don't spend much time watching TV. I do watch the news but sometimes wonder why I waste my time on it. I usually sew on something every day. Today I made burp cloths, bibs and a potholder. I always like to get new sewing customers, and have had two new ones this last week. Thanks to everyone that gives out my name to them. I do appreciate it.
I hate Winter weather, driving on gravel roads, and riding in elevators. I am scared of birds have been all my life, not sure why but they terrify me. I also hate people that are always late, that is hard for me to deal with them. I don't like to cook but I do, it is usually good but would rather eat someone elses cooking.
I love to sew, so that is what I do in all my spare time, I hope someday to have enough sewing to be able to just stay home all the time. That would be great.

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