Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some Of My Quilts

This is one of my favorite quilts and it is called Broken Dishes, I really like all the borders that I put on it. The point is to not have any of the same fabrics touching.
This quilt is called 9-Patch, this is a good way to use up all your extra fabric scraps.
This was the first quilt I made, it is called Grandmothers Choice, I did learn alot from making it. Another good way to use up fabric scraps.
I have always had a love for quilts, so a few years back I decided I would start quilting. I would have to say it is very addictive. Once you get one done you are ready to start on the next. It is always fun getting the fabrics that match and all the different designs that you can come up with. I learned after my first quilt that the more borders the prettier the quilt turns out. I still think I like the quilts that have several colors in them. They remind me of the ones that my Grandma would have made. The quilts that I have made are all hand sewn. I have made 17 large quilts and 2 baby quilts. Everyone should make at least one quilt.

1 comment:

  1. I feel the same way about quilts or any kin dof quilting project. Love them.


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