Friday, March 4, 2011

Teddy Bears Out of Different Fabrics

These adorable little bears are made out of old quilts, sometimes you can find old quilts at auctions for not much money. Just wash up the old quilts and you can make lots of neat things out of them.

This teddy bear is made out of an old chenille bedspread, these bears  always turn out cute!

This teddy bear is made out of overalls that belonged to my Dad, I call it my Keepsake bear.
Over the years I have made teddy bears out of lots of different things. Old quilts, chenille bedspreads, men's overalls and blue jeans. I think the first teddy bears I made I used old quilts, I was making them for a friend that had an antique store. They were big sellers several years ago. Each bear has its own personality, there are never two that turn out the same. I am always pleased with the final product. Some fabrics are much harder to work with,then others. I remember making one out of a T-shirt one time, and it was really cute. I wish over the years that I would have taken pictures of all the things I have made, but that was way before digital cameras and computers. So now when I get a project made I always take a picture.

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