Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vintage Bedspread & Pillow Shams

I laid it out on my bed so you could kind of get an idea what it would look like.

close up of the fabric design
This was a fun project to work on, I do a lot of sewing for a lady in Centerville, Iowa. She always comes up with some really good ideas on things that she wants me to make for her. She had this really cute vintage cowboy design fabric. I think there was at least 15 yards, so I decided it would be neat to make a bedspread and pillow shams for her little boy. He is around 2 1/2, so I am sure he will really like them. The spread was made to fit a full size bed, it will be tied in a few places just to hold the batting and back together. I used a flannel sheet for the backing and put the cotton batting in the middle.The shams turned out neat also, there was enough fabric that we can make some throw pillows in the future. I am always up for different projects to make.

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