Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busy Wednesday!

Here are some of the cupcake potholders that I will have for sale on the 16th!!!
This has been a really busy Wednesday, up at 6:30 got ready to go to work, in between that time I finished making another tutu. Then off to work in Unionville for 3 hours, got done there then to another house for 2 more hours.Had several sewing calls while I was working. One girl was coming to pick up her prom dress that I had done alterations on, it fit her perfect. That is always a good feeling when things work out that way. Just as she was leaving the carpet guy came to measure the bathrooms for new flooring. I will be glad to get them done and not have carpet in my bathrooms anymore. Then another girl was suppose to bring a prom dress for me to work on, she was about an hour late getting here, that kind of makes me mad, I hate waiting on people. This dress is going to be a challenge, will have to take the zipper out and put tabs on the back and fix it so it can be laced up.  But I think I can do it. Then I got a message from a gal on facebook wanting to know if  I still had the free console TV and I said sure, so got rid of it. Then between all of that and supper I made another cupcake potholder. I will have some of them for sale at the Centerville buyselltrade garage sale on the 16th. Now I think it is time to rest for a while and get ready for a busy Thursday.

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